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blog post - Online Poker Giants Richest Online Poker Players

Professional online poker players earn millions of money just by playing poker alone. Most of these personalities are those who we love watching in world poker tournaments. However, some have also boosted their earning only by playing regular poker games. These professional poker players have gained their mastery in the game through years of playing and carefully strategizing. Many would argue that gambling only accounts for luck, but in reality, gambling is a skill. It is a product of passion, hard work, and dedication.

Whether they got rich through vast amounts of tournament jackpots or through slowly but progressively earning in regular poker games, these online poker players deserve recognition. At some point, starters have looked up to these names and used them as an inspiration for a desired online gambling success. If the names of the wealthiest online poker players interest you, we have enumerated a few.

  • Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey richest online poker player

It is seldom that younglings in the online poker field become successful and prominent almost instantly. Phil Ivey is an exception. At his age of 27, Phil Ivey is already one of the most influential names in the poker world for both live and online.

He has an accumulated win of 13 million dollars for live poker tournaments and countless millions from his online poker games. He is a leading member of Team Full Tilt and is usually on the team's poker tables playing high stakes. His earnings were ranked at four to eight million annually for the past years.

  • David Benyamine

David Benyamine

David Benyamine is another Full Tilt fiend who loves playing high stakes in poker tables.

He gained confidence in playing the cards over two decades of successful professional years in the poker industry.

At present, his total earnings averages at a whopping eight-digit amount. In records, he gained over three million dollars in his professional experiences from poker tournaments. David Benyamine still holds the record as the best French poker player in the world.

  • Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend or more commonly known as “sbrugby” is a prominent name in the online casino industry. He may not have surpassed other giants in the poker field when it comes to his winnings, but he still certainly one of the wealthiest online poker players out there, with an eight-digit net worth. Just through online poker alone, “sbrugby” already has an accumulated winning of over two million dollars by December 2009.

  • Chris Ferguson

richest online poker player chris

Chris Ferguson is a favorite competitor in world poker tournaments. In his professional journey, he has won over six million dollars from live competitions alone. He is now a leading name in the online casino industry, with a net worth of 100 million dollars.

Indeed, poker is fun but tedious online casino game to play. However, as a poker player, your hope lies in the massive winnings this game offers. Whether you are a newbie or a constant in the poker tables, nothing is still more exciting than waiting for that straight flush of cards that may change your life and include you in the list of the wealthiest players.

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