Top Countries Where Online Gambling Is Illegal

blog post - Top Countries Where Online Gambling Is Illegal

Online gambling has become an integral part of lives and cultures all over the world. Unfortunately, not all countries legally support gambling. Gambling has always been a focal point of entertainment and finances, not only by individuals but for nations as a whole. Gambling institutions have proven to give one of the highest taxes that boost any country's economy. It has made private individuals and states wealthy. However, not all jurisdictions recognize this.

Let us look at our list of countries where online gambling and betting are illegal to give you a guide on which countries you won't be allowed to access your favorite online casino.

  • United Arab Emirates

online gambling UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) covers one of the wealthiest cities globally, Dubai, which houses tens of world-renowned billionaires. Even with such progressive constituents, the UAE government still sets strict laws on online gambling and betting.

UAE, just like other Islamic countries, has a very conservative environment that even internet content is duly managed and regulated. If a person breaks the gambling laws in UAE, he can end up in jail for two long years.

  • Cambodia

online gambling Cambodia

Previously, Cambodia was a center or the gambling industry. However, due to the country's high number of gambling addictions, the government has finally decided to ban this center of entertainment in 1996.

However, in over a decade ban, Cambodia now allows lotteries that are only regulated and sponsored by the government. Additionally, travelers can also attend to their casino needs through government-managed and sponsored casinos even the jackpots are regulated.

  • North Korea

North Korea

North Korea is known to be a military country. Given this, its government sets many stringent restrictions for its residents, and online gambling is one.

However, this rule does not apply for tourists who have regulated visits in the place. Tourists can enjoy their casino needs through the lone casino available in the country located in Pyongyang.

  • Qatar


Qatar has the strictest rules when it comes to gambling. All forms of gambling, even sports betting that is more widely accepted, are prohibited in this country. Because of this stringency, Qatar's people have resorted to underground gambling even if the consequences at stake are also relatively cumbersome.

  • Lebanon


This country is also known to have strict laws against gambling, although it may have less stringent take on it. The government of Lebanon is also responsible for regulating casino sites online and ensuring that they are not operational in the country if they do not abide by the government standards. However, even with this rule, you can still find one online casino and one land-based casino in the country. Cruise ship-based casinos are also available to take you to international waters, where gambling is not prohibited.

Online gambling and betting have always been controversial because governments have to learn how to create a balance of maintaining their citizens' welfare while engaging them in a dangerous world. Governments should be of great applaud in prioritizing well-being over earnings. As online casino players, it still pays to know about international legislation for gambling and betting, which may come handy in your future travels.

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